Design and Prototyping 

Local design services, DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and DFT (Design for Test), including prototyping for automation and testing in the US and China.


Volume Manufacturing

We assemble and test globally sourced products to scale from a few to several thousand stations in a fast turn process with emphasis on quality.


Engineering Services

Our global engineering services range from providing experienced engineers for onsite support at CM (Contract Manufacturing) sites to installation and maintenance contracts. 

What We Deliver

SiFO provides the global engineering services needed to design, manufacture, deliver, and support test and automation solutions customized for specific product demands and scalable to take companies from prototype to volume production.


Are you taking advantage of Industry 4.0?

SiFO designs, manufactures, delivers and supports test and automation solutions. We can customize a systems just for you based on product demands. 

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  • SMART core architecture for both assembly and test automation solutions
  • SMART automation modules on the line can be re-configured and re-deployed for different products
  • Configurable UPH using SMART automation modules



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  • Common architecture for manual and automation solutions
  • Universal platform for board (panel or singulated) to module to product-level functional testing
  • Scalable and modular design to encompass different test technologies (Vision, Camera, Audio, RF, Haptic etc..)
  • COTS and customized in-circuit test for in-line and off-line solutions

Test Engineering



  • One stop shop for all custom fixture needs from in-circuit, functional and product test to assembly automation
  • High-volume capabilities for immediate, fast-turn fixtures in days rather than weeks
  • Fine pitch, multi-stage, manual, and fully automated fixture manufacturing
  • SMART end-of-arm tooling for most automation robots
    • Benefit: Cost-effective, fast-turn, high-quality output for China and world market

Need a test or automation solution?

SiFO develops test and automation solutions that span device or component assembly, module and sub-assembly, PCB assembly, and FATP to help Fortune 50, 100, and 500 customers scale from initial prototype test to complete testing of millions of products. Get in touch with us to learn more.